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Jivan Dios is a Certified Family Constellation Therapist, helping people around the world to awaken their own inner voice and simply enjoy who they are, which is always unique and worth celebrating.

All of us at one time or another hear: “You look so much like your mother”, or, “You walk just like your father”, but we rarely stop and look at what else we have inherited from our family.

The Family Constellation method can offer many insights on conscious or unconscious family patterns we have inherited such as anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, relationship issues and even illness. We often unconsciously “pick-up” our family’s feelings and patterns out of love for our family and ancestors in order to create balance. In the meantime, we lose track of who we really are underneath it all and end up living someone else’s life.

Through the clarity of the Family Constellation method, we can together heal issues you have been carrying around for years, giving way to a truer way of living life: A life where your own specialness can shine on. That is the life you were really meant to live. 

We begin to feel the immense loving life force that has been carried forward through ourselves and our ancestors.

Counselling available:

  • family therapy
  • spiritual growth
  • chronic and deep fear
  • couples counselling
  • online counselling
  • chronic or serious illness
  • trauma therapy and resolution
  • meditation
  • Cognative¬†behavioral therapy

Contact +46.(0)76.045.5299 or email at jivan@opentherapy.se


Artilleriegatan 38, Stockholm, Sweden

Online Counselling is also available



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